A Car That Reflects Your Style: Tips for Auto Buyers
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A Car That Reflects Your Style: Tips for Auto Buyers

Hi, my name is Molly, and I love shiny new things. That applies to cars. I know you have to think about price and safety when buying cars, but I also like to think about style. A car that you love should reflect your style and your essence. It should say something about your character, and I find that when it does it is more fun to drive. I have honed the task of car buying into an art. If you want tips on buying a car, please explore these posts. I plan to cover a range of things. I have two kids, three cars, four dogs and now this blog! Thanks for reading it!


A Car That Reflects Your Style: Tips for Auto Buyers

A Checklist of What You Need to Do Before Shopping for a New Car

Delia De Roo

When you're in the market for a new car, you may be excited about heading down to the dealership and comparing models and features. However, before you even set foot outside the door or begin shopping online, you might note a few things it's good to do first; this will ensure you find the car you love and will save the most money as well.

1. Always check and clean up your credit report

You may think you have good credit and can't imagine anything that would tarnish your record, but note that sometimes incorrect information can make its way to those reports. There may also be very old information that should have aged out but which was never removed; this may then be lowering your score. Even if this is only by a few points, it can mean paying several hundred dollars, if not thousands more, in interest charges for your car loan. Always check your credit for accuracy and your score before you start shopping and, if needed, ask your lender about how to improve your score overall.

2. Price your trade-in

Dealers often give you a certain allowance for a trade-in, and it may be convenient to just drop off your old car, but you might be surprised at the money you get from an outside buyer versus what a dealer will pay you. You might even check with used car dealers in the area and compare their offers; at the very least, you may be able to use those offers to negotiate a better deal with your chosen dealer when you shop for a new car.

3. Research safety features

When you shop for a new car, you may be looking forward to the luxury of a nice sound system and heated seats, but you need to look past those things and consider its overall safety features. Antilock brakes and airbags are somewhat standard, but do you need a camera in the back to ensure none of your kids are in the driveway when you back out? Do you need parking assistance, if you often part in the street and struggle with parallel parking? An upgraded alarm system that works with a code and keyless entry can be good if you live or work in a high-crime area. Stability control can keep you safe on wet or slippery terrain, which is good if you live in a rural area with lots of dirt roads. Don't be swayed by a car's appearance or high-tech gadgets that may not keep you safe or add real value to the car, but know the different features under the hood before you shop.

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