A Car That Reflects Your Style: Tips for Auto Buyers
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A Car That Reflects Your Style: Tips for Auto Buyers

Hi, my name is Molly, and I love shiny new things. That applies to cars. I know you have to think about price and safety when buying cars, but I also like to think about style. A car that you love should reflect your style and your essence. It should say something about your character, and I find that when it does it is more fun to drive. I have honed the task of car buying into an art. If you want tips on buying a car, please explore these posts. I plan to cover a range of things. I have two kids, three cars, four dogs and now this blog! Thanks for reading it!


A Car That Reflects Your Style: Tips for Auto Buyers

3 Things That Tires Will Tell You When You Are Buying a Used Car

Delia De Roo

Buying a used car is a great way of owning a car at a subsidised price. However, buying a used car is not a walk in the park, particularly if you are doing it for the first time. This huge investment requires you to do a thorough analysis of the car that you want to buy to avoid living with a mistake for the period that you plan to use that car. Thankfully, used cars have various components that speak volumes about its conditions, how it has been driven over the years and most importantly, its maintenance. A comprehensive analysis of the car's tyres can go a long way in revealing its condition. It can also help you raise important questions to the seller for clarification before you can ignorantly pump your money into it. Here is what the tyres can tell you:

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving refers to bad driving habits that not only jeopardises the safety of other road users but also elevates the risk of damaging some parts of the car like the suspension. A good example of aggressive driving includes overlapping other motorists in case of a traffic snarl up, taking shortcuts by driving over kerbs and roadside barriers and speeding over bumps. Some of these aggressive driving habits compel the drivers to make sharp turns regularly wearing the tyres heavily on the outside shoulders. For such signs of aggressive driving, you should assess the suspension visually for cracks on the springs and shock absorbers. This will help you determine if you are ready to cater for the additional costs of repairing the car's suspension.

A Reset Odometer

The odometer shows the car's mileage, an indication of how much the engine has been used. The condition of the tyres can help you avoid buying a car whose odometer has been rolled back for the sake of marketing it. You should be wary of a car that has a set of all new tyres and a very low mileage. If in doubt, don't go for it as the engine may have been used more than it seems.

Steering and Braking Disorders

Physical damage to tyres can be an indicator of underlying problems. Cupped tyres and tyres with unevenly worn out treads may be an indication of braking or steering problems. Do not test-drive such a car. Instead, call in a mechanic to examine the braking and steering units to help you determine if you can afford the cost of any necessary repairs.