A Car That Reflects Your Style: Tips for Auto Buyers
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A Car That Reflects Your Style: Tips for Auto Buyers

Hi, my name is Molly, and I love shiny new things. That applies to cars. I know you have to think about price and safety when buying cars, but I also like to think about style. A car that you love should reflect your style and your essence. It should say something about your character, and I find that when it does it is more fun to drive. I have honed the task of car buying into an art. If you want tips on buying a car, please explore these posts. I plan to cover a range of things. I have two kids, three cars, four dogs and now this blog! Thanks for reading it!


A Car That Reflects Your Style: Tips for Auto Buyers

Types of Trailers You Can Rent

Delia De Roo

When you are moving or you need to transport something, you can hire a trailer to get the job done. But if you are hiring a trailer for the first time, you may not be exactly sure what trailers are available and which is the best fit for you. So to help you out, here are some of the most common types of trailers you can rent.

Car Carrier Trailer -- If you want to tow a car from one location to another, you can hire what is known as a car carrier trailer. This trailer features two or four wheel configurations and is made of galvanized steel. The vehicle you are towing is driven onto the trailer, which has a front guard to keep the car from moving. The front end of the trailer hooks to the trailer hitch on your vehicle, but you will also need to rent accessories such as ropes, chains and tie down straps to ensure that the towed vehicle doesn't move. Car carrier trailers come in different payload sizes to accommodate your needs, but they are built for small and medium-size cars, not SUVs trucks or crossovers.

Horse Trailer -- If you need to transport a horse from one place to another, you can hire a horse trailer, which is a customized trailer built to hold one horse or livestock animal such as a cow. Horse trailers are made from aluminum, and their floors are padded with rubber to prevent your horse from slipping or falling if your car makes a sudden stop or if your horse moves. Most horse trailers feature saddle racks, roof vents, latch dividers and moveable ramps to make it easier to load your horse and to take it out of the trailer.

Caged Trailer -- Caged trailers are square or rectangular trailers with a weld mesh cage that bolts into the corner posts of the trailer They are ideal for hire if you need to transport garden supplies, load up garden waste for disposal at a specified dump, or transport landscaping equipment. They are also efficient for moving animals such as dogs from one place to another in safety, because the cage is resistant to bites and scratches. Caged trailers are made from galvanized steel, and they are constructed for durability and to take a great deal of punishment, which is why you will often seen them being towed by landscaping and construction contractors.

For more information and help with selecting the right trailer for your needs, contact a local trailer rental company like Highway Auto Barn